Propecia – One of the best remedies for hair loss in men.

Hair loss is a common concern that affects both in men and women widely irrespective of their ages. Many types of research, treatments, and studies are there for treating the hair loss problem. Hair loss in men results in baldness in the head even in younger age thus making the situation worse. In that case, an early intervention is required for the hair loss treatment and Propecia is considered to be the best remedy for treating baldness in men.

Is buying propecia an ideal remedy for hair loss?

Propecia which is also known as generally Finasteride is found to be the best hair loss pill online to treat the baldness in men (alopecia) effectively in medical history. Various studies show that continues use of Propecia medicine results in visible hair regrowth and also prevents further hair loss in future. It is seen that many people, after with the consultation of a doctor, were buying Propecia from an authentic online drugstore, as this was considered as the best mail order pharmacy even by most of the doctors. The Propecia medicine can be only used in the treatment of male pattern baldness and is not recommended for other types of alopecia and not for females.

Propecia also gives you a solid clinical proof that it helps in sustaining 83% of the hair that are present while starting the treatment. That is it controls the hair fall at the very initial stage of the treatment process. As the property is an anti-androgen, it eliminates the cause of hair loss in the first phase which is a major issue for thinning of hair and baldness in men.

How does Propecia medicine work for hair loss in men?

Testosterone that is found in the bloodstream of adult male combines with an enzyme 5 alpha reductase and both interact and result in the formation of a sexual hormone called as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).  Then the DHT acts as a foreign agent in the body and treats the follicle. Later the attacked follicle by the DHT then minimizes the growth and gradually reduces the growth in future.

In the treatment Propecia medicine works by decreasing the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is a natural body hormone that affects the follicle. When the amount of DHT in the follicle is decreased in the follicle, it results in the increased hair growth in the affected area, helps in reducing the hair loss. Additionally, it has no effect on the hair growth in other parts of the body.

Dosage of Propecia medicine:

  • Propecia is available in two dosage strengths: Propecia 1 mg and Propecia 5 mg. The doctor can recommend the dosage level based on the needs.
  • Do not crush, chew or split the medicine.
  • This medicine has to take orally at least once a day.
  • Medicine has to be continued minimum 12 months else it may lead to reversal effects.
  • Should not be overdosed; if so seek medical assistance immediately.

General information about Propecia:

The patients who intake property need to keep in mind that the hair loss problem cannot be treated in a single day and it requires less time to start the reaction. Continue properties medicine at least for 3 months to get better response rate. Many beneficiaries of this medicine say that it took 12 months to see the reduction in hair fall and hair regrowth. Hence, you have to believe the scientific proof of Propecia medicine in providing a complete remedy for hair loss in men and continue using it for at least 12 months’ time.